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My first and lasting love is photography. I began my career as a newspaper photographer in 1988. This led to my fondness for photojournalism and capturing the movement and emotion of the moment. Because of my experience in the darkroom, I can't help but be particular about editing each and every image I deliver. I do not pride myself on a rapid workflow, rather, I savor the process of reliving the memories and emotions of your event during the editing process.

I have been photographing weddings full time since 2004. What began as an experiment in learning about digital photography led to requests to photograph weddings...and I never looked back!

I love existing in the moment, photographing whatever life presents me and finding it's beauty. I hope to be able to give a little piece of myself by showing you a piece of yourself. Having the opportunity to observe your lived experiences play out in front of my camera allows me a greater breadth of life to appreciate.

I am available for travel anywhere within the USA and world wide. My home base is in New Orleans, LA

Julia Bailey smiles at the camera next to our bride
Just Max sitting on a rock in Bali looking at the camera
Max is sitting on a cliff next to the ocean in Bali Indonesia

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